Communications Consulting

Looking for some crisp copy to better showcase your tech product or service? Need great content in the form of well-written, interesting case studies, creative white papers or industry-specific blog posts? Or maybe you have an application idea that would help your customers better use technology — wouldn’t that be something! Social Glu can help.

We’re all about making connections, whether it’s better connecting your customers with your company, building on APIs to create cool stuff or just getting a team of smart, dedicated people together to work on something interesting. Founder Michelle Riggen-Ransom has been working in tech communications for over fifteen years and has a diverse network in the start-up, entrepreneurial and social innovation community.

Social Glu Apps

InstaChimp camera

We’re also the makers of InstaChimpCraftmonkey and Shopmonkey, three apps that let you do cool things with your MailChimp email lists. Like send your Etsy shop items to your email list (Craftmonkey) or your Instagram pictures to your friends, fans and family (InstaChimp), or creating a newsletter featuring items in your eBay store (Shopmonkey).

We’re friendly.  Drop us a line and say hello!

Social Glu is headquartered in beautiful Seattle, Washington and was founded in 2011. All rights reserved.