Hitting the Seattle Startup Scene

Sean Ransom and Michelle Riggen-Ransom

As we get settled in our new hometown, it’s fun checking out what’s going on in the Seattle startup scene. When we left Seattle just over six years ago, the startup phenomenon was just, well, getting started. Now there are so many cool companies around and projects going on that they have their own website (Seattle 2.0), weekly Coffee Club meetings, even a Hops & Chops club for techies who want to talk shop, eat meat and drink beer.

I recently attended “Startup Night Seattle” (held the second Tuesday of every month), where two successful entrepreneurs shared their thoughts on marketing a start-up. Robert Pease, former VP of Marketing at Gist and Daniel Todd, CEO of GlobalMojo shared their experiences with and thoughts about marketing an early stage company. Todd has a very methodical, results-driven approach while Pease’s thoughts leaned more toward the word-of-mouth, branding, and more intangible elements of marketing. Event organizer Irna Menn did a great job guiding the discussion and asking questions even as the two men respectfully disagreed on various points.

I was especially interested in hearing what Robert Pease had to say, as Gist is a company that has been on my radar for a while. At one point during the discussion, he mentioned that he had certain competitors that he wanted to “crush”, so after the presentation I introduced myself as a co-founder of BatchBlue and asked if he wanted to kill me. Fortunately, he did not! It’s always nice when a networking event doesn’t end in bloodshed :)

Sean and I are planning to attend the upcoming Seattle Startup Crawl on Friday, August 26th, where we’ll get to meet folks from Cheezburger Inc., Estately, Habit Labs and Big Door. Startups and cocktails are two of our favorite things, so I’m sure it will make for an interesting evening. If you’re there and you see us, say hello! We look like the picture above, only slightly less fancy.

2 thoughts on “Hitting the Seattle Startup Scene

  1. Thanks, Linda! This actually was back in PVD, at the ceremony for Sean winning Best Technologist in RI. Fancy that…

    It’s fun getting to check out the scene in a new city! I’m sure you can relate ;)

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